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Funeral home at 512 Martin Luther King Junior Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406

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    The service was absolutely horrible. My love one was not recognizable at all and I was taken advantage of at a time of vulnerability. I set up a meeting with the owner, who showed up 30 minutes late with no apology or concern. She did not care. If I had time to go into detail I would but my advice is this: if you want bad practices and price gouging to stop you have to contact the NC Board of Funeral Services. they govern these types of issues. If you do not, this establishment will continue to do poor work and take advantage of you to the extreme. there is no way on earth a cremation service should have cost me 10,371 dollars. and NO way my dad should have looked like he did. they some how managed to have his mouth all the way over to his right ear and he did not look like that when he passed. FYI: I had a viewing then cremation after the service. PLEASE exercise your rights. these laws are in place to govern this type of behavior. Trust me the funeral home does not care as long as you pay them. Be informed do your part. I did contact the board and an investigation is in process. thankfully I had all the photos and witnesses to include with my complaint

    Added August 14, 2016 by bennita mckinnon
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